!Finish That Chapter, Dammit!

Day 124 of 365:

(Monday Motivation, Except It’s Tuesday…)

Last Friday I mentioned in my blog post about still being on the third chapter of my WIP after all the months of writing every day.

And on the weekend, my mom gave me crap for still being stuck in the same spot of my book.  It was the kind of gentle, loving crap only a mother can give, which I actually love – but still….if Mom wants me to move along, I guess I will move along.

My intention for this week lies within these simple words:

next chapter-writing-the-girl

Or, as in my case: “you can’t start the next chapter if you keep RE-WRITING the current one.”

I am THIS close to being happy enough with chapter 3 to move along to chapter 4.


Now excuse me while I go and…you know….





-Janice 🙂



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