The Mad Dash (a.ka. – I Used To Be So Organized)

Day 110 of 365:

{Weekly Photo Challenge – Dinnertime}

So I shot this earlier today, as I made my usual afternoon race through the grocery store, frantically searching for something to make for dinner tonight….


There was a time when the words Weeknight Dinner and What The Hell Am I Making?  didn’t exist together.

Menus were planned, meticulously, five days in advance on Sunday mornings.  Recipes were sourced, indexed, printed and all necessary pages in cookbooks creased.  Shopping lists were neatly compiled and executed with precision.  Every single detail of each dinner from Monday to Friday was taken care of.  Period.  Dinnertime was a well oiled machine in my house, and I was the captain.

This, sadly, has become a bygone era in my daily life, I’m afraid.

So what happened to planning dinners ahead of time?  Where did that go, you ask?

I started working from home, that’s what.  I went from this constant fear of not having enough time during the week, to the false security in the phrase:

“I’ll just run out to the store later and pick something up for tonight.  I’ve got loads of time today.”  

Which ultimately turns into:

“Oh crap look at the time” and, “Oh shit.  What the hell am I making for dinner tonight?




-Janice 🙂


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