The Sorry Post

Day 103 of 365:

Sorry – I am not in to this blogging thing today.

Not because of a migraine.

Not because I have nothing to say.

No, it’s not even because I am being lazy.

Nor is that I am feeling uninspired today.

The things is, I’m deep in the well and don’t want to surface.  (that’s code for: I’m writing my brains out so the rest of the world doesn’t exist.)

So I apologize – for I do hate to do this again, but here’s another quote I’ve mustered up to illustrate the depths of my commitment to this….thing…this love, this….obsession… I willingly allow to consume me so….

But in my own defense, this is one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite authors:

all you do is bleed

(it’s fitting because at times, I really do feel like I am bleeding as I write.)






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