Five Favourite Things On A Friday: The Playlist Edition

Day 99 of 365:

{it’s a list!}

First of all….  hip-hip-hooray for the 99th day of the year! Just seems like a milestone kind of number, doesn’t it?


So it’s Friday.  And I haven’t done a Five Favourite Things post in like forever.  Plus it seems like a GREAT day to shake some booty, so I’m gonna make this one all about music.

horns up
Horns Up!

A little known secret about my writing habit….I HAVE to HAVE to have music on and loud while I write.  And each of my stories has its own playlist.  True Story.  (not a little known secret though.  I go on and on about needing and having music at my side all. the. time.)

Seriously, my writing playlists are NO JOKE when it comes to my productivity.  For the novel I am currently working on, I have about 150 songs or so that rotate around and play constantly in the background of my life, whether I am writing or not.  It’s like having a personal soundtrack.  To anyone else, I am sure my playlists seem random and disjointed.  But I actually put a whole lot of thought into the selections I make.  The songs speak to me in a kind of secret language, guiding me through each twist and turn in my character arcs and plot outlines.  A kind of writing tool that has become indispensable to my process.

Today?  A certain few songs kept repeating and jumping out at me as I went through my day.   Without further adieu, here is my Five Favourites List in honour of my hardworking playlist:

5 favourite

I love that these songs are not at all related to each other, but they play seamlessly in my writing life.  I also love that their connection makes total sense to only me.

(I wanna know: what’s playing on your iPod today??  What songs inspire you to write?)


Rock On, Peeps!


-Janice 🙂


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