Day 92 of 365:

{One Word Writing Prompt}


By way of my profession, I write and work in colour all day, every day.  It is my livelihood.

I use colour to emote feelings such as love, anger, or remorse.  I use colour as a conduit between the eye and the brain.  I harness the power of colour to trigger reactions and ignite passion.

Yes, you might say colour is my secret weapon, and my strongest ally, when I compose marketing pieces or frame my photography subjects.

That being said, I really have nothing more to say about what the word “colourful” means to me.

I can’t tell you what my favourite colour is because they all are.

I can’t describe what life would be like without colour either.  That notion is simply unimaginable.

Coloured Daisies

The world is a wonderful, colourful place and colour is everywhere.

It is everything.

End of story.




-Janice 🙂


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