Who, Me? Dance?

Day 82 of 365:

{Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance}

Oh, how I have danced to the music held within this tower of compact discs…


Everything in my life happens to the beat of some song or another.  Music is every where – all the time.  I follow it, rather than it following me.

Just to be clear, love is not a strong enough word to describe the way I feel about dancing to the beat of an awesome song.  Actually, the song doesn’t even have to be all that awesome.  If I feel it, my body moves to it.  I like to think I have been blessed with natural sense of rhythm and timing.  But you know what?  The truth is I really don’t care what I look like.  I just dance because it feels right…or it is the right thing to do… or because it is the only thing to do.

But this post isn’t about my ability to dance.

This post is about music.  And writing.

I write.  As any writer, I have habits and routines that I follow when I am settling down to write.  And yes, the most important thing  – the one thing I MUST have before I can get anything done – is music.  Tons of songs, queued up and ready to go.

Years and years ago it used to be a stack of CD’s beside my stereo.  Or a pile of well planned mix tapes. (am I dating myself??)

Now a days it’s my iPod Nano, a portable wifi speaker, and a playlist or two.  The music plays, I type.  It’s really quite simple.  There exists just enough harmony between my brain and the sound of my favourite songs be as productive as I can possibly be.  Kinda like…my feet, a dance floor and a catchy tune.  You know?

And yes, when the tempo of my words starts to stutter, or my back starts to hurt from all the sitting, I will let the music take over my body as well.  What I mean by that is,  I’ll indulge in a five minute break and dance, like a fool, around my desk, loosening up all the pent-up energy from hours of being glued to my laptop.  I shake my head, my hips, and, well….everything and anything that can be, and needs to be, shaken.

Picture, if you will, a tightly coiled spring that has been compressed down as small as it will go.  Now picture that spring suddenly being freed from its constraints so that it flings itself around without any control what so ever.  And the spring has the biggest smile on her face as she bounces around the room.

Best feeling in the world.

All the times I have taken an image in the past few months where music and words are present.




-Janice 🙂


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