The Constant

Day 78 of 365:

{One Word Prompt}


Taking a moment to acknowledge the constant struggle that occurs within.

The push.  The pull.  The give and the take.

The moments I want to beat myself up.  Knock myself down.

The times when I am frustrated.  The times when I am impatient.  The times when I say lest than kind words to my reflection.  When  my first reaction is one of negativity instead of tolerance.

I am taking a silent, deep, deep breath and letting it all go.

I see these things that I fight against.  I see them and I acknowledge them for what they are.  Just thoughts.

Putting down the boxing gloves.  Stepping out of the ring.

I know that I can choose to dwell, or I can acknowledge my inner fight and then move forward.

I will move forward.

Ahhhh, Summer Fun! 134-001

(….feeling introspective with today’s writing prompt.  Can you tell I’ve been doing lots of yoga and meditation lately??)




-Janice 🙂


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