The Well

Day 76 of 365:

As a writer, I have become aware of a place that resides within me.  I call it The Well.  In it I find what I need in order to pursue my craft.

The Well is not always kind.  In fact, I have a peculiar curiosity with The Well, in that, I feel that I will never fully understand just how deep it goes, or why it teases and tortures me so.

Sometimes The Well is dry, giving me nothing for days, weeks….months.  This causes much inner torment.  I will go to The Well, over and over, searching, begging, for something – anything –  to pull out.  Words., ideas, inspiration…please.  During these times, I get nothing but dryness.  Emptiness.

Just when I resolve to this reality, that there is nothing left inside The Well.  I am finished.  Just as I decide to give in and hang up my pen for once and for all, that is when the deluge occurs.  The Well opens up and I am overwhelmed, brimming, with more than I thought possible.  It knocks me off my feet.into the well

This is when I write with abandon, taking advantage of every word, every sentence, every idea The Well so generously gives me.  Before I can help myself, The Well swallows me hole.  I become totally, absolutely, consumed with plot lines and characters.  Coming up for air, to eat, or to sleep, becomes burdensome.  The lines between the world I have created and the real word converge.  I cannot tell the difference between the two.

I am in The Well at this very moment.  Entirely swallowed.

And you know what?  It’s delicious.


-Janice 🙂


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