Focus – I Must Confess.

Day 69 of 365:

Okay, okay, okay….

Time to get real, people.  🙂

Everything is falling into place – and this is good.  I am in a good place, professionally, personally.

I am writing everyday on here, my blog, which I love, of course…..



I am not balanced.  Not with my writing.  Balance everywhere else in my life, but not.  with.  my.  writing.

This is a bit of a quandary to be in!

I love doing my blog posts.  Writing challenges, photo challenges, word prompts…..I am shooting pictures and putting them to words and hitting publish and it feels…so… amazing.


Progress on my novel is lagging.  Well….actually….it’s completely stopped.

And I recognize the reason why.  I feel that I put all my energy in to posting on here and then I have no time or creative energy to focus on my NOVEL.

Wait a minute…my novel is why I am blogging!  (remember, #365daysofwriting?? um Hello!)  20160309_161439-Tilt-Shift-1457558163091

So I ask,  what’s a girl to do?  What’s a Writing Girl to do?

Stop blogging (again) or ignore my novel for another year (again)?


I searched and searched inside myself for the answer to my problem.  I even consulted The Hubby.  He told me to do what feels right.

gee…..thanks, hun….?….

The answer is I want to do both.  I want to write my novel and then blog about my life and my writing.  That’s what feels right.

I guess what I am saying is….

Fewer words on the blog, more time on the novel.

Balance, people.  BALANCE.  🙂

Don’t know what that means exactly.  Sometimes it takes me a while to sort myself out and find my footing.  But I always manage to do so.

Sooner or later…..

Wow – got a lot of my chest here!  Feels pretty damn good!



-Janice 🙂


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