Day 63 of 365:

{Writing Prompt: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.}



And now you’re gone.  Despite my protests, you left.

“I’ll be back soon,” you promised right before you closed the door, leaving me alone in this place.

Your words bounce off the walls around me like tiny, dancing balls.  I want to catch them, but they move too fast.


What is soon?  What am I to do with soon?  Is soon measurement of time I can count?  Is it the distance between now and then?  Is soon supposed to comfort or cajole me from this sudden place of loneliness?

Emptiness has filled the spaces you normally do.  Like a shadow, it takes your place.  It makes me feel cold.

When is soon?  The minutes drag their feet when I want them to run, to pass quickly.

Is soon meant to tease me?  It gives me only echoes.


Your absence fills my mind and haunts me like a ghost…

I can feel you.

I can smell you.

I can taste you.

As much as I yearn for you, soon cannot come quick enough.

And it aches, all this longing.  It peels away pieces of the things you left behind.

It hurts me so….to not have you here….


(once again – inspired by the Daily Post’s one word prompt and embellished from material I am working on in my novel.)




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6 thoughts on “Haunted

    1. It is a frustrating word – hinting at promise, not commitment. “Soon” tries the patience, doesn’t it? Thank you for reading and commenting. 🙂

  1. “soon” – i’ve a struggle with that word too.

    “let’s catch up soon” “let’s watch that movie sometime soon”
    i would prefer to know a more definite time period.

    thank you for sharing this piece(:

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