Day 50

Day 50 of 365:

I’m calling today a milestone for little ol’ me.

50 days down of my 365 Days of Writing!

I still feel like crap today, just as I did yesterday.

I just found out my hero, Harper Lee, has passed away.  I am very sad for her family and loved ones.  Ms. Lee was a remarkable, resilient woman indeed.  I am not alone when I say she truly inspired me and is one of the reasons I write.

It’s a very drab February day.  The sky is grey and it’s kind of rainy.  The term “Winter Blahs” was invented because of days like this.

But yeah – I’ve been through worse days.   Much, much worse.  And, hey!  -> 50 days in a row of writing!  <- Can’t forget that…..  🙂

I leave you with this thought, a very writer-ish thing to say: plot twist-001-writing-the-girl

(don’t know who originally said it, but I like it.) 




-Janice 🙂


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