365 Goals

Day 41 of 365:

What the heck is all this writing about?

I tag everything I am posting, both on here and with my tweets (when appropriate), Instagram post and Pins with the hashtag: #365daysofwriting.

My goal here is to write something….anything….each and every day, as I am able to, for one full year.  It shouldn’t be that hard to do, right?

Due to the fact that I am also trying to finish edits and re-writes to the first draft of a novel I started in 2011, my 365 days of writing goal goes far beyond blogging and sharing my daily life on social media.  I started this because I want to FINISH something.  Or at least be one step closer to completing this novel of mine.  By the end of the year.

daily writing mantra…

All this writing is important to me.   Setting goals is important to me.

Keeping myself on track and holding myself accountable is what the hashtag and the blog posts are all about.

So sometimes I ramble.   Sometimes I have a point.  Sometimes I speak my words with only my images.  Sometimes, I don’t want to say anything at all.  Sometimes I am candid.  Sometimes I want to hide.  But here I am…every day…somehow I find the words within myself and put them here for people to see.

And I have to write.  I always have to write.  That’s who I am.

(This post is more of a reminder to myself.  I am getting frustrated and feeling like I have hit yet another wall in my story.  I feel like I am losing focus and it’s so, SO annoying.)

Me, in my office/bedroom. Behind me are story boards, character notes and my little dog Ellie, all over my bed. This is a typical afternoon for me as I try to make progress or headway (which ever comes first) on my novel.







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