Sure, I’ll Do It.

Day 35 of 365:

{Writing Prompt}

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

Sure I’ll get up and speak in front of a crowd.  Why not?

I think life should be about stepping out of your comfort zone and surprising yourself.  If you have a voice and something to say, why hide it away?

This coming from a self-described “Introverted Extrovert” – meaning I have  no problem with getting up in front of a crowd.  Making a fool of myself is of little concern, in the right setting.  I don’t even have to be even mildly intoxicated to do so.  Seriously.  Just ask my mom.  But, that’s the extrovert in me.

The introvert part of me likes to lock herself away and not answer the door or the phone for fear of having to deal with people.  I will do this for days at a time and be totally content.

I know, I know.  I’m fickle.

My point is this: life is short, right?

So be goofy.  Dance on a table, if the time is right.  Give a wild speech to a room full of strangers.  Sing your little heart out at a karaoke bar.  Even if it scares you a little.  I for one, like to scare myself every once and while.  It makes me feel alive.

And if you want to shut the door and not be seen, then fine.  But for goodness sake, don’t stay inside forever.





-Janice 🙂


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