Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Day 32 of 365:

First day of a new month, first day of a new week – my energy level and optimism are bright and shiny.

Speaking of such things, here is my take on “Vibrant”….


Back story here:

I initially thought this week’s challenge theme was going to be really tough to pull off.   You have to understand: it’s winter.  I live in Canada.  Nothing around me is vibrant at the moment.

However, luck was on my side when I had an unexpected opportunity to capture this shot yesterday afternoon.  The temperature outside had climbed all the way up the thermometer to an unseasonably warm 10 degrees (Celsius).  The sun came out and generously melted the snow in my yard just enough to reveal the green leaves of one of my lavender plants in the garden.

So there it was, waving to me, my vibrant subject,  jumping out at me from a sea of white and grey.  I grabbed my camera and pounced.

This may not be the most stunning example of “Vibrant” that will be posted in response to this week’s photo challenge….but it sure caught my eye!




-Janice 🙂


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