No So Ritual

Day 28 of 365:

Being at a conference in lovely downtown Toronto means that today has been anything but a usual and customary day for me.

From the 5 am wake-up time, to fighting traffic as I made my way into the city, to standing on my feet, in heels, for 8 hours, striking up conversations with people I do not know – yeah – today was definitely not a normal day for little old me.

Now it’s after 8:30 pm, I’ve only been home for an hour….but I have to get up first thing in the morning to do it all over again tomorrow.  (and the day after that too.)

So now I am off to bed!

Not before I squeeze out my daily blog post though…which, by the way, is happening hours after it normally does.  On a normal day.  Which today has not been at all.  Did I mention that yet??  :p


And now, on a somewhat related note, here is a photo of a hot, frothy caffeinated beverage.  I usually like to have one of these in the afternoon, however, given my circumstances today, I was not able to:20160125_145900-afternoon-coffee-writing-the-girl

Looks yummy, huh? I took this before I drank it, a few days ago…on a normal day…

Okay, I’m zonked from all my “out-of-the-norm” activities.  Plus, I still have to figure out what I am going to wear tomorrow, and tweak a Power Point presentation.

so….yeah…..enough blogging for me.

Good Night!



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