Yawn?? – yes please –

Day 21 of 365:

{Daily Post prompt}

What bores you?

The definition of the word ‘Boredom’ is (according to dictionary.com):

“the state of being bored; tedium; ennui.”

Synonyms include: dullness, sameness, flatness

So, being bored means you have nothing exciting going on.

Nothing to do.  


You know what?   Give me some boredom, every once and while.  Please.

Take away all the things I have to do.  Really, that is fine with me.

I practiced a bit of “boredom” today after work.  I snapped this picture to illustrate my “dull, flat, tedium”…


As you can see, nothing going on here.  No siree.  And I am just fine with it.

Happily bored with my latte and cookies.


~ ( YAWN ) ~


-Janice 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Yawn?? – yes please –

  1. Oh yes. Give me boredom please. Here it is 10:27 pm. I have to get up in 8 hours 3 minutes for work and I am trying to catch up on Blogging101. Well maybe I’ll get a couple of minutes of boredom in now. Think I am inspired to shut down now. Thanks.

    1. I just don’t think that being bored is always a bad thing. Having nothing to do is a nice change we should be able to enjoy – when we get the chance! I hope you had a restful night. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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