Rule Number 2

Day 14 of 365:

Huh – how about this: I have nothing interesting to say right now.

My productivity levels have been ZERO all day.  I have tinkered and fiddled about for hours and don’t have anything meaningful to show.

– meh –

I was considering writing a journalistic style piece based on today’s writing prompt posted on the Daily Post, but the subject matter doesn’t really grab me.

Which kinda got me thinking about a list I saw once.  And, yes, I do have a thing for lists….but this particular list is cool because, as a writer who struggles, I find it motivational.  Kinda like a tap on the shoulder when your mind gets all fuzzy and you lose your tempo….
12 and a half rules-copy-writing-the-girl

As rule #2 states, I am not participating in any Daily Post writing prompts at all today.  Everything seems boring.  If I don’t want to bore you, I certainly don’t want to bore me either.  You’re welcome.  😉

On a completely separate side-note, to all my writer friends out there, have you ever experienced this:

Last night I killed a character in my novel.  It was the first time I have written the death of someone and I actually cried a bit as I wrote it.  I didn’t want him to die – but he had to.

And then I felt dorky for crying over a person that isn’t…you know….really real.

And then I realized that my story just might be taking over my life.

Is that normal?

…is it?…


On that note….


-Janice 🙂


wtg logo_sm


(*copyright note: Obviously the “Rules for Writing” poster is not my original creation.  I just re-did it here so I could use an image rendered in a high quality resolution I require for my posts.  And also because I have design software that allows me to do these things easily.  If you are interested in the original poster, you can check it out and purchase a copy on Amazon.  Oh, and the “I am Writer” typewriter is my design.)


2 thoughts on “Rule Number 2

  1. I liked this post very much! I too struggle with the daily prompts sometimes but I write something anyway and your post worked. I like the pic and tips. Thank you. Jx

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