The Way It Happens

Day 12 of 365.

I have to get back to work.


I am getting back to work.  And by “work” I mean my novel.

I have everything I need, the tools I require to be productive.  I have complied and arranged them around me in a ritualistic fashion that has become part of my writing process….

I am in my bedroom.  The door is shut.

My note books are beside me.

My trusty red pen is sitting on top of my note books, ready to go.

The printout of my most recent chapter is beside my notebooks and reliable red pen.

My laptop is cued up.

Amy Winehouse is singing with her usual clarity about going back to black.

Glass of wine: poured.

Chocolates are available – not too close, but not too far away, should I need them during a “contemplation break”.

I am determined to tackle this chapter and bring my characters back to life. It’s been a while since I have ventured into their world.  I miss them.

I just hope I can get them to talk to me tonight….

…so I can be productive.

And get some writing done.


Off I go!


-Janice 🙂


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{Writing Prompt: Write Here, Write Now}


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