Five Favourite Things: The Day After a Migraine Edition

Day 7 of 365: didn’t exist.

Day 8 of 365:

My shitty day on Wednesday turned in to a Thursday that didn’t exist; I had a migraine.

You know, the funny thing about migraines is that when you don’t have one, you almost forget that they exist in your life.  Almost.  When I ambitiously set my goal to write every day for the year, I neglected the detail that when a migraine strikes, I am completely unable to do anything.  At. All.

So yesterday, I had my head under my blankets and looking at computer screen was simply too much to handle.  In short, I lost a day.

But today is the day after my migraine, and all is right again.  I’m alive!  I survived!!  Everything is awesome!!!

Sometimes my migraines last for a day.  Sometimes they last for 3 days.

The pain is difficult for me to explain with words, except to say that it just is.  And it’s relentless.  At times I just want to chop my head off and be done with it.

But when the pain goes away?  When I finally wake up and my head isn’t pounding?  Well, that’s the best moment ever.  It’s like the first day of the rest of my life.  Every second is to be savored and not taken for granted.

Needless to say, today I’ve had a pretty good day!

Five Favourite Things About the Day After a Migraine…

#1: Coffee!  Caffeine!  Oh nectar of the gods – how I missed you.  Coffee during a migraine is a huge no-no for me.  I can’t even be near it when my head hurts.  But the day after?  It tastes like the best thing in the whole world.



#2: Little things like getting out of bed and taking the dogs for a walk.  During a migraine I have to be alone, in complete darkness.  Nothing else exists.  It can’t.  But the day after a migraine, I am so grateful to be able to leave my room and enjoy my pooches again.  I think they like it too….



#3: Food!  This plate had a honey-topped English muffin on it – but I scarfed it down like voracious bear that has just awoke from months of hibernation.  When my head hurts, food is like coffee: unthinkable.  But the day after I am sooooo hungry and just want to eat, eat, eat.  The best part is, everything tastes amazing.



#4: Working and being productive.  When a migraine holds me prisoner, I can’t lift my head.  Looking at a computer screen, and even coherent thinking, are out of the question.  Sometimes I even have trouble putting together proper sentences and speaking is difficult.  Work and productivity curl up and die as I go completely AWOL.  But the day after a migraine?  Work is the best!  And I talk non-stop too….just ask The Hubby….



#5: Best for last….opening up the blinds and the curtains and letting the light back in.  When I am down for the count, any kind of light is unbearable.  It’s like a the sharp blade of a knife, slicing through my eyes and piercing my head.  Light punctuates the pain in the worst possible way.  But I love sunlight, so when I can’t have it, I get depressed.  That is why the day after a migraine, I open all the curtains and fill my house, and my life, back up with light.  Glorious, glorious light.



Unfortunately, this will not be the last time I miss a day (or two) of writing due to my stupid headaches.

c’est la vie.

-Janice 🙂


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