Day 1 – Start.

Day 1 of 365.

New Years Day.


Listening to U2 on my iPod.  (just seems fitting)

As per our usual ritual for the first day of the year, we are happy to tear down Christmas.  It is a daunting task and seems to take hours.  The Hubby, thank God, is an expert at packing.  I am decidedly overwhelmed.  Odd how the kids are nowhere to be found…..  Christmas in a box

We have waaaaay too many Christmas ornaments…..

Here are two questions:

  • Why is it that it’s so much more fun to decorate the house for the Holidays than it is un-decorate at the end?
  • Why have I no fore-thought as I spread my festive knick-knacks all over everywhere?  It’s like being on an Easter egg hunt.  I keep discovering snowmen and reindeer perched atop shelves and in small corners – I don’t remember putting them there.

Must have been all that rum and eggnog I insisted on having.

packing up Christmas
too, too much.

A quick survey of the house reminds me of the mess Christmas sneakily creates and then leaves behind.  Sparkles and pine needles litter the floor where the tree stood in the living room.  There are mounds of tissue paper and ribbons, discarded and forgotten.

And now it’s time to clean it all up, sweep it all away, shove it under the stairs in the basement, and forget about it.   Until next December 1st when we drag everything out again.

My floors are in desperate need of a vacuum.  Don’t even look at the kitchen… is that a headache I feel coming on?


We have been a household of excessive relaxation for the past 7 days.  Which is fine, I guess – but today I am both exhausted and lethargic and suddenly itching to be in action again.

The word “Routine” has the same effect on me as the word “Vacation” did a week and a half ago.  I am giddy with anticipation.  Seriously.

I purposefully put my editing aside so I could enjoy Christmas without worrying about trying to write over the Holidays.  You know what?  I miss my characters like one might miss friends or school chums.  I want them back in my life!

Is it Monday yet?  Can I go back to work now?New Year, new calendar (2016)


-Janice 🙂


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