Friday: Five Favourite Things

Ah – it’s Friday.  Friday always seems brighter than the four days that precede it.

As per my usual non-schedule of blogging and writing, time has gotten away from me.  It has been a month since my last post.  I find myself focusing on the negative and scolding myself for not keeping a tight posting schedule.  I suppose another, more forgiving, way to look at it is the fact that four weeks between each blog post is a schedule.  So by that rationale, I am right on time!

Our beautiful, cherished, summer months are drawing to a close, my friends.   Especially for us up here in Canada.  We still have plenty of warm days to enjoy, but the middle of August is upon us – in just three short weeks, the kids will be back in school.  Parents near and far will silently rejoice as small feet walk slowly, reluctantly, back into the classroom.  Back to school really means back to schedules, structure and ORDER in our homes and our lives.

And so by this, come September and all it promises, I will aim for a more structured blogging schedule.  I will shoot more photos, work more and write diligently.

In all honesty, I have been most indulgent the past two months, taking on as little work as possible.  Summer allows us to slack off, doesn’t it?  Well, I have my sights set firmly on September to anchor and stabilize, and help me locate my long lost motivation.

In the past, I have found one of the keys to cultivating and sticking to a good blogging habit is to designate certain days of the week to a theme post.  I used to do this with my Saturday and Sunday “Simple, Single Image” posts.  Another good way to get yourself onto a solid schedule is committing to daily or weekly posts.

I am dedicating this post to positivity, stability, optimism – and hopefully a new recurring feature post:

Five Favourite Things On Friday…

My poodle mix, Ellie, and her favourite toy, which is faithfully never far from her side….

Ellie's favourite toy


Trying, but failing, to kick my afternoon coffee habit, and forgiving myself with each glorious sip….



Finally, after all these years, getting to read Harper Lee’s (aka: My Hero) second novel….



Finding beauty and delight in this old rusty planter with these brilliant flowers…



Sunsets over a lake in Northern Ontario, drawing a perfect summer’s day to a perfect close….



With that, I am officially starting my weekend.  Time to go find a glass of wine!

Happy Friday!


-Janice 🙂


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