So this week I realized I haven’t been paying any attention what so ever to my OTHER blog site, “View Finder”.

View Finder is my online image portfolio.  These days, my photography is all but non-existent in my life, which kind of makes me sad sometimes.  😦  So I am really, REALLY trying to pick up my camera more often.

I created View Finder a few years ago because I just like making new blogs.  haha…No, that’s not true…I created View Finder a few years ago because I wanted a nice layout to showcase my photos online without the hassle of belonging to a site like Zenfolio or Flickr.  (Both are great for photographers, but not this one.)

forget me nots, blue, spring, flowers
Forget-Me-Nots-blue (2015)

Anyway – I had been working on a couple of images I captured a few weeks prior in the garden (of course), and decided to post them to View Finder.  I liked the way two of the images in particular turned out, and it has been a really long time since I felt I had anything that worthwhile to post…what the heck?  Up on the blog/portfolio – blogfolio? – they go!

One of the images, which I titled “Forget-Me-Nots-blue” sparked a memory of ANOTHER blog post I did here, on Writing the Girl, waaaaay back in my early days of blogging.

Three years ago, I had shot this macro image of forget-me-nots for a response to a weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post blog.   My interpretation of the theme was literal.  I suffered severely grass stained pants from crawling around on my hands and knees trying to fill my frame with enough of the colour blue in order to feel I had successfully captured my subject.

forget-me-nots macro shot from my garden in 2012

And so it was the other day, when I was posting my latest photos to View Finder, that I found myself pulled into flipping through dozens upon dozens of images I had from 2012.  All taken in and around my gardens, all but forgotten.

And it got me reminiscing about the setting in which I had taken all of these images….

There was a stand of ash trees, grasses and ferns growing tall all around them, at the back of our yard.  Back then, the Hubby and I had a couple of acres, a beautiful space out in the country.  We gave it up when we “downsized” and moved back into town.  Every spring, a thick carpet of forget-me-nots covered the ground around the ash trees.  The blues and soft purples of the flowers created this gorgeous splash of contrast amid the lush, heavy greens from the surrounding foliage. When I close my eyes now, I can see it: vivid, lovely, serene.  A lot of my writing and photographs were born in those gardens on that property.  Even though I have new ones now that I enjoy, I do miss the gardens of my past.  I was surrounded by beautiful inspiration everyday.  I may not miss mowing the lawns or weeding the gardens, but there will always have a place in my heart for those little flowers and the place in which they grew.  All of that inspiration now lives in my memory.

forget-me-nots from my post in 2012

Sometimes, it is comforting to go for a walk down “memory lane”.  Just to take a moment and reflect, hopefully with good feelings, upon a place you used to be.  I believe it is important to acknowledge and honour all of the spaces we occupy throughout of lives, no matter how far back they go.

As I type this now, the little forget-me-not flowers I photographed just a few weeks ago are starting to fade…their bloom time is pretty much over for the season.  As pretty as they are and have been from about a month now, they will fade from my mind as I set my sights on other flowers and plants to photograph and enjoy for the rest of the summer.

No doubt, a year from now, I will be photographing and writing of my love and admiration for these pretty little buds, and reflecting upon this moment as well.  I will probably write another rambling post about them!

So long, forget-me-nots.  Until me meet again….


Janice 🙂



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