Final Moments {Linger}

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.”


Perfect warmth spreads over me as if I were wrapped in the thickest, softest blanket in the whole world.  I tilt my head back – water falls down upon my head and gently envelopes my face.  My eyes are closed, my mouth is closed.  My arms hang lifeless on either side of my torso.  My hands are still.  My feet are firmly planted in place.

The waterfall I am standing under is nothing more than my shower, but this – this – is where I linger….

After various accoutrements have been applied and washed away, I take a breath and pause.  For as long as I can.  In my mind this is an eternity, but in reality it’s a few mere minutes…but its enough….

I linger here because I know that as soon as the water stops, releasing me from this aqueous meditation, everything else must begin.  These moments are the last few in which my mind will be uncluttered with the day’s events.

I linger because I am not quite ready to start moving.  The water may be rushing over me, on to me, off of me – yet I am completely still.

And in my stillness – I fantasize….

What if the hot water never ran out?  If no one else was waiting for “their turn”.  If I knew my skin would not turn eventually into something closely resembling that of raisin’s.  What if there was no need to dry myself off, get dressed, do my hair, and put on my makeup…..go to work…go shopping…go to the gym.  Go, go, go.

What If nobody needed me today?

If I did not have to take my son to karate.  Or make dinner.  Walk the dogs.  Weed the gardens.  Email my sisters.  Call my mom.  Write a blog post….fold the laundry.

Indeed, I linger, holding onto these final moments before my day starts.  Mentally pressing my “RESET” button.  This is the only time where I don’t need to be anything, talk to anyone…to listen or to be heard.  Couldn’t I just stay here all day?  Please?

No.  I cannot.  These lingering moments, like all things in life, must move along.

Besides, I’m kind of getting chilly….


 Linger: what a beautiful word!  When I saw this writing prompt on the Daily Post, I could not resist, knowing instantly where I linger each and every day.  But how could I turn it into words…..?

Where do you linger?  What holds you captive, causing you to stop and hold on to it?  


-Janice 🙂wtg logo_sm


One thought on “Final Moments {Linger}

  1. I love this line: “I linger here because I know that as soon as the water stops, releasing me from this aqueous meditation, everything else must begin…” Wonderful post; you captured a split moment we all have, and captured it beautifully! Thank you xxoo

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