Handful of Lillies {Simple, Single Image on a Sunday}

A small vase of Lilly-of-the-Valley, picked fresh from the garden on this beautiful spring morn.

Hundreds of these small, white flowers carpet the ground at the foot of a maple tree in my front garden.  For all of one week each May, while in full bloom, their collective perfume envelopes the air like a vale.  The fragrance is wonderfully overwhelming, hinting of romance and the promise of things to come as we begin the shift into Summer.

It is impossible to resist the urge to grab a small handful for myself.  I will keep them on my bedside table, where, for a few days at least, their cheerful fragrant will be the first thing to stir me from sleep.

IMG_1666-001Lovely and brilliant as they are, I always wonder why these beautiful flowers hang their tiny heads so low.  I wish I could reach down and gently turn them to up to greet the world.


{welcome back to my Simple, Single Image Sunday feature posts.}

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