With The Garden In My Kitchen…

I haven’t done a food post in a while…

The onset of August means we are mid-way through our growing season (here in Ontario, anyway).  Every spring I dutifully plant a vast array of the usual summer garden herbs – everything I could possible need and use on a daily basis between June and September.  I love herbs all year long, but when they are picked fresh from your garden, they taste even better.

So today I spent some time in my kitchen, taking advantage of my bounty. Cilantro, basil and sweet mini-peppers are awesome attributes to fresh mango salsa…garlic, chives and oregano will easily compliment a sun-dried tomato dip.

Fresh, green and absolutely delicious!

IMG_1011 IMG_1013

Being true to form, I had a camera poised and ready to document my culinary adventure.  For this, I was in the mood to use the camera on my iPhone.  I’ve recently rediscovered Instagram, so I put it good use today.


Looks yummy – smells amazing.  Can’t wait to dig in….this will be awesome with our fish dinner.



My cherry tomatoes are just starting to ripen…I can’t wait to start enjoying them!

What about you?  What are your favourite/must have edible plants – the ones you can’t live without in your garden?

2 thoughts on “With The Garden In My Kitchen…

  1. Oh to have the space for a garden! Your pictures tell a great story. Last year my balcony garden bore fruit on basil, chili and coriander (cilantro). This year time got the better of me … On the bright side, there is always next year. I’m sure the salsa tasted as good as it looked!

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