10 Things (+1) I’d Rather Be Doing

It’s time for another list!

You have seen this inspirational quote floating around the internet, right?  Or maybe you’ve seen it elsewhere.  I saw it on Pinterest about a year ago and…well…it inspired me:


I’m a daydreamer – big time.  I often have to snap my mind back on track as it has a tendency to wander to some far off places.  If I were to take the above quote literally, I would have a bit of a conundrum for it seems my heart is everywhere.

When I saw a writing prompt on the Daily Post blogroll about compiling a list, any list,  I knew this would be a great way to itemize the destinations my mind travels to.  Since I like to keep lists to the tidy number of 10, this proved to be a bit of a challenge….so I had to add the “+1”.

When I’m bored, disengaged, tired, or find myself with a few minutes to spare, my thoughts turn in unexpected directions.  These directions usually have very little to do with what is going on around me.  If there is a window near by, you will most likely find me staring out of it.  If I have a lost look about me, I’m actually not lost at all.  Though present in body, my spirit is far, far away.  I mean no disrespect to whatever, or whoever, no longer has my attention.  I have a busy, imaginative brain with a wish list longer than my arm.

In random order, here are the 10 (+1) “Things I’d Rather Be Doing”:

1) Riding a horse.

2) Swimming in a cool, cool lake on a hot, hot day.

3) Eating candy floss.

“Sunset” – taken by my dad

4) Watching the sun set.

5) Walking through the woods with my camera and my dog.


6) Dancing.

7) Standing in the most prefect Tree Pose I have ever done during the most amazing yoga class ever.

8) Running through a meadow of tall grass and wild flowers.

mysterious field of purple flowers

9) Driving a sports car really fast.

10) Shoe shopping.

summer shoes

11.  Writing.

Actually, I’d always rather be writing!

Morning Routine

Where does your mind go when it wanders?

What are your favourite things to daydream about?

4 thoughts on “10 Things (+1) I’d Rather Be Doing

  1. Ahhh, day dreaming! My mind is always so busy and full with “what’s next” I don’t find myself day dreaming as much as I used to. Yes, those are the words I actually hear my mind saying to me over and over again. As in what’s next to do, what’s next to focus on or if I’m lucky what’s the next scene? And if that’s the question on my mind, then I let my mind go where it will and show me that next scene (or any scene for that matter).

    That’s a great list tough and #6 (I LOVE to dance) and #11 would be on mine too!

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