Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

In browsing casually through posts from my fellow Weekly Photo Challenge participants, it is apparent to me that the word “home” means something different to just about everybody:

It can be where your heart is.

Wherever your soul resides.

Your comfort place.

Where your family is.

…to name just a few.

To me, “Home” is where ever you can put down roots – both figuratively and literally.  Believe me, in just over a decade I have put down roots in a heck of a lot of dwellings.  In fact, my family and I just moved this past summer into a home that we intend to put a whole lot of  roots down in – beginning with the garden – for many years to come.

Plan-ting ahead
Plan-ting ahead – starting herbs in a window planter. Soon after these seeds are secured and snug in their earthy beds, they will sprout roots and become parsley.

The home we moved from was large and cumbersome.  It had many features that were really great – the gardens, for example, were large and plentiful. But they were already well established when we moved in – which had been part of the initial appeal.  I quickly realised  however, there was no room for new plants.  This frustrated me for a long time.  At first, I couldn’t figure out why.  I should have been happy with all of the landscaping already completed.  Then it donned on me: I was unable to put down roots of my own, thus preventing me from growing into and establishing myself in my own home.

Another feature that made me feel displaced was the fridge/freezer combination, an oversized and gorgeous Sub-Zero unit many of my friends and family envied, but I secretly grew to despise it after a while.

The problem was the fact the façade on the doors was wooden – not a traditional magnetized finish.  For the five years we lived there, I could not post my children’s artwork,  or reminders and memos for myself..let alone shopping lists and flyers.  Our large collection of magnets, which included souvenirs from places we had visited, sat in a drawer, unused and forgotten.  It just never seemed “right” to me.  When other issues in our life cropped up, making a move seem like the right thing to do, I let go of our old house with more ease than I had any other house previously.  I think it was because I never truly felt settled there…

I will always remember, a few days after our exhausting move, the simple act of placing our magnets on to the fridge door in our new home (nowhere near a high-end Sub-Zero model, which is fine by me).  As I arranged them, I couldn’t wait to clutter the door of the fridge and freezer with artwork, memos and reminders.

Stuck to the fridge
Stuck to the fridge – small, daily mementos. Details of home not to be taken for granted.

Seven months later, I am happy to report we have a chaotic mosaic of school notices, shopping lists, take-out menus and photographs stuck to our fridge – front and centre in the heartbeat of our home.

These are the details of life that are “home” to me: Putting down roots and sticking around.

daylight floods
Daylight floods in through the large window above my kitchen sink, where I can take in the view of our street – soaking up our new neighbourhood. Our house is, quite literally, “In The Middle Of The Street”.

One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. The first thing I do is put our magnets on the fridge along with the Mom Organizer Calendar – it feels like home then. It’s a strange ritual but one the kids liked too so who am I to argue? When we emigrated to Canada from England little reminders of ‘home’ helped a great deal. Enjoy your new home & make it your own in whatever image you enjoy.

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