December Re-Cap

I really did not like December 2012 all that much, I am sorry to say.  I mean, aside from all the Christmas-y stuff, I was sick for most of the month, which was really not fun.  You name it, I came down with it.  I even spent one day in the ER of our local hospital.  A lot of my posts this month were done from my bed, with a fever.

All in all, December was not fun for this Girl.  Sorry to be a bit of downer – but I am glad to be saying adiós to this month.  Not a good way to end what has been an awesome year.

Still, as under the weather as I was for the past 31 days, I did find the energy to do some shooting.  Not as much as I usually do, but here are my personal favourites…

IMG_8838 IMG_0806 IMG_8889 IMG_8896 IMG_0812 IMG_8909 IMG_8934 IMG_8971

Onward and upward – this is my motto for January 2013.

How exciting – my last post for 2012!  I refuse to end a year of blogging on a sour note.  Besides – all of that sickness has, thankfully, left my body.  So really, trips to the ER, fevers and posting from my bed, are all but a distant memory at this point.

My outlook has improved greatly.

Have a wonderful New Year!  Where ever you are, and how ever you ring it in – I hope it is special, safe and happy!!  🙂


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