Archive Day: Elements Of Winter

Confession time:  I am really not up to much of anything right now.  I have caught the flu bug something fierce.  I can’t shake it, and feel so utterly drained, I can barely type.

Still, the blog posts must happen.

Seems to me like it’s a good day for an archive post.

I am going back to last February with this one.  Specifically, two posts I titled Time To Reflect (1) and Time To Reflect (2).

On this particular outing, I fell in love with nature, and the beauty of winter in the woods all over again.  It was refreshing, and honestly, it nourished my soul and inspiration.  When I look back on that day now, I can see that the images I captured on my trek through this winter wonderland was a turning point for my creativity.

Red Barn Still Water, Reflection Hang On

One thought on “Archive Day: Elements Of Winter

  1. I’m with you friend. My entire household is down with some evil stomach flu, but good on you for the blog post — and those pics look a lot more like winter than it looks out my window. All the best over the holidays, and hope you feel better!

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