No Use

Ugh – this picture is driving me crazy.  I love it, but not enough to find a useful place to display it.  I makes me think an assortment of creative thoughts – but nothing tangible.

The quality is decent – but not decent enough to produce a print with.

I cannot categorise it, therefore it will not fit into my on-line portfolio.

I simply have no use for this image – but the last thing I will do is discard it.passageWhat you are seeing is tunnel of grapes leading to an urn at the end of a path.

Yes, it has been tilt-shifted.

I will be honest when I say that I have tried to post and blog about this image a few times in the last couple of months.  The trouble is, I can never find anything remotely interesting to say about it.

I start out with what I think is something that will work with the image.  But I usually end up staring blankly at the urn.  I feel I get lost in the darkness of that passage way.

Why am I so hopelessly drawn to a photograph it not working for me?

I think it haunts me.

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