[Delayed] November Re-Cap

I always devote the last day of the month (or the first day if the new month) to a re-cap.  My clumsy, scattered brain just realised today that, not only has November drawn to a close, but December is well under way.

The simple fact is, November does not exist as every other month does.  At least not to me, if that makes sense.  You see, the moment I reached my novel goal of 50,000 words on the 24th, November was no longer a concern of mine.

I find it somewhat ironic a month that had me wrapped up and consumed with the passage of time, should slip by and finish unnoticed.

And so, without further ado, I give you the month of November as it presented itself to me:


2012-11-10 14.27.54





please caffinate me.

2012-11-29 16.07.41

Though it felt like my camera spent very little time in my hands, I actually captured more images than I realised.  National Novel Writing Month be damned – I still found time to go out and shoot.

Now – if you please – I am going to throw myself completely (officially!) into December.  The craziest, busiest month of the year.


This is also the final full month of my Post-A-Day blogging journey!!!!

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