Take It From Me (Daily Post Writing Prompt)

“What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?”

Hahaha – are you kidding?  I used to manage a fitness club.

Though I was passionate and crazy about anything to do with working out and following a healthy lifestyle, I constantly dished advice to my members that I failed to follow.  Sure, I was educated, having taken courses on personal training and physical health, so I knew what I was talking about.  I felt it was my duty to help and empower the people who came to me looking for guidance or direction.  Getting into shape can be daunting task.  My advice was sincere and I spoke from the heart:

“You should exercise at least 30 minutes every day!  Walking through the gym door is half the battle!!”  (After about a year of working in the gym, my own workouts had decreased to maaaaaybe twice a week.  Tops.  Excluding yoga, which I practised three times a week.  At a different gym.)

“Always eat carbs before you exercise.  Eat proteins after.”  (I never really paid attention my pre and post exercise meals)

“Stretch it out after you run!” (I never did this, except for, of course, yoga.)

“Weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t begin and end with exercise, its diet too.”  (I ate pretty much what ever I wanted…within reason.)

My boss loved to advise all of the staff to “practice what we preach”, and I nodded my head enthusiastically at this.  However, at some point along the way, I began to forget to do things like…work out.  It wasn’t that I lost my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.  I just let everything else come first.

Besides, when you spend your entire day in a gym, working-out after your shift essentially means ten hours “at the office” can last an extra two.  On the days I started work at six am, this was about the least appealing thing on earth.

Anyway – I walked away from working in the fitness industry and now I can honestly say I practice what I used to preach.  I work-out with vigour on a regular basis.  I eat a healthy breakfast of toast and yoghurt before I head to the gym.  I gulp down a protein shake when I get home.  Yes, I watch what I eat very closely…erm….well…most of the time.  And even though it hurts my forever tight hamstrings, I stretch after my run.  Unless I am going to a yoga class that night.

I also enjoy not having to give people fitness related advice.

Isn’t that usually the case though?  We humans have a need and desire to help each other.  It’s just in our nature. One of the ways we do so is to offer advice.  I think a lot of time, we offer great advice to someone who we think really needs it, knowing we would find it difficult to follow ourselves.

If not knowing it, at least wondering:  “Would I be able to do so?”runner

(You know me, right?  I love trying new things on Writing The Girl.  Following a Daily Post Writing Prompt is something I have been curious about, but had never sat down and attempted.  I think I am going through novel-writing withdrawal today.  Composing a couple of paragraphs was just what I needed to get my fix…anyway – this prompt was from a few days ago, but when I saw what it was about, I was inspired by my many, many un-followed examples of advice from my fitness-past.)


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