Taking A Breather

After being completely… totally… utterly… submerged in my fictional world with my fictional characters for the better part of 20 days, I decided to allow my self to surface for a breath of fresh air.  I have been neglecting so many things for the sake of my writing this month.  There was this horrid, nagging feeling of guilt that had gotten under my skin.

Taking the night off from my made-up novel world to spend time in the real world is exactly what I need, don’t ya think? 

So far, I have:

  • Cooked an actual dinner for my family.  Actually, this was two nights in a row now, thanks to last night’s homemade (not frozen!) pizza…
  • Called my Mom.  I don’t want to be “The Daughter That Never Calls”.
  • Replied to all of the comments people have been leaving on my posts.  There were tons!  I am overwhelmed by your awesome thoughts and insight!!

I also plan on (*gasp!*) watching something called television.

Crazy, eh?

Now watch me freak out tomorrow because I am behind in my writing schedule!

(I have 11,000 words and counting to go before I reach the 50,000 word mark….!!!!  I think I can see the NaNoWriMo finish line!)

3 thoughts on “Taking A Breather

  1. I think a breather can be a good thing. It gives you some perspective. And I felt that same guilt when I was finishing my novel earlier this year for a contest deadline. I can’t help but wonder if male writers feel that same sense of guilt at neglecting life beyond the WIP. I’m guessing probably not so much…

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