Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Of course I had to take part in this week’s Daily Post photo challenge…green rocks for so many reasons.

Tonight, the toppings I prepped for my homemade pizza pretty much all happened to be:

– yup!  You guessed it –


(No, the wine bottle was not a pizza topping.  It was green, and therefore, made it into the gallery…)

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

  1. I love GREEN! And those pepper seeds…Do you ever plant them? I planted some recently and they took awhile, but they finally are coming up out of the dirt with beautiful green leaves and they are so cute.

      1. They are cute, and depending on the season, they can lead to real peppers! Other things you can grow from seeds that you might have are (from my recent curious experience): Flax, fennel, coriander.

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