Different Trees, Different Sky

(Simple, Single Images During November Because I Am Writing A Novel)

Seeing a different pocket of the sky today.

In a different city.

In a different country.

It looks the same…blue, clouds, sunshine – the whole package.  But still….being away from home…the sky is different….different leaves on different trees….

(Writing The Girl, blogging from Atlanta Georgia.)

Happy Friday!!


3 thoughts on “Different Trees, Different Sky

    1. Oh – too bad about your camera…that would devastate me! When I shot this pic, I had just flown from Ontario, Canada down to Georgia in the US – back home our trees were already bare, so it felt nice to see so much colour again…. 🙂 Is your camera fixed now?

      1. Over here autumn is taking its time, many trees are still covered with multicoloured leaves. But I feel like the end is near – there’s been a lot fo wind recently, sweeping them all off. Yes, my camera is fixed now, yay!

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