Getting My Boo-On

Today is Halloween – one of my favourite nights of the year!  What a great time to let your imagination run completely, absolutely amok – everybody and everything can be deliciously creepy tonight….how awesome is that?

Now, normally on the last day of the month I dedicate a post to re-capping my images from the previous 30-odd days.  However, yesterday I shared a massive portfolio update with a lot of the images I have shooting and working on throughout most of October.  I feel like I already did my month-in-review post.  So…instead of posting pics from the entire month – here is re-cap of all the terrifyingly grotesque and seriously sinister findings around my abode on this All Hallow’s Eve….

Boris (the spider)
Jack (with warts)
The Creeper


(On a side note, National Novel Writing Month kicks off tomorrow, November 1st!!  Good luck to all my fellow WriMo’s and happy writing!!!)

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