Writing Ritual

Is there something you have to do in order to get yourself in the mood to write?  What is your writing ritual?

Mine is a candle.  I am a visual person, and candles to me are perfect when it comes to illumination, inside and out.

So, I buy a candle every time I start a new writing project.

Last November, during NaNoWriMo, I went through two of them.

This evening, I went out and bought my new candle for this year’s NaNo.  It sits in a pretty glass jar and smells of luscious vanilla.  I will start burning it on November 1st, when the writing challenge begins.  Each time I am plugging away at my 50,000 words, my candle will be lit.  It helps me enter into my fictional world.  It’s kind of like flicking a switch.

ritual… instagrammed. (shiny, isn’t it? If you look closely, you can see my reflection!)

So, what is it that you do?  Is there some little ritual you perform that anchors you into your Writing Mode?

4 thoughts on “Writing Ritual

  1. Haha, I agree with ericjbaker! deadlines or a list of projects where I have to produce a certain number of words each day.

  2. I am not a writer, but when I have to sew something, my ritual usually starts with cleaning my sewing studio…A clean space always inspires me….I think I’ll add a candle though–love the idea!

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