Looking Up The Street

My brain is on overload this afternoon.  I realised this morning that there is only one week left of October….7 days that will no doubt fly by as quickly as the past 24 have.

While I am still trying to figure out what happened to the month, at the same time I have this sinking feeling…I am undeniably unprepared to start writing my novel on November 1st.  I have some of the basics down, but aside from characters and bits and pieces of a plot-line my story remains elusive to me.

Today, the world outside has been overcast and gloomy.  I am tied to my desk, wrapped up both my cashmere sweater and work.   My phone has been glued to my left ear all day and my fingers hurt from typing.  A carousel consisting of emails, tasks and appointments are turning around and around in my head.

The view from the window in my home office did bring me some comfort.  Comfort in knowing that I am not missing out on a spectacular, sunny fall day.  None, the less – as always – I found something to capture with my camera…

Not much else to say here.  Might as well get some more work done before I can call it a day.


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