Broken Down Tree – Revisited

Broken Down Tree, Fall 2012 (tilt shifted)

My tree is still broken down, but I am considerably less so.

Most of the people who read this will have no idea what I am referring to.  When I first posted pics and words about The Broken Down Tree (as it is currently dying and crumbling in a wooded area near my home), Writing The Girl was only getting a couple of hits a day.  I think I had, like, two subscribers.  I think it is pretty safe to say no one saw my previous posts about this particular subject.  Except maybe my best friend and my mom.  😉

The tree in the image above is abstract and mysterious.  When I found it about a year ago, I felt bad for this old tree.  I pitied it.  Once large and majestic, full of life – it now resides somewhere between beauty and rot.

To me, this represents transition – something I could relate to a year ago.  I was changing.  My life was changing.  I started moving towards doing what I wanted to do (writing) instead of what I felt obligated to do (working a thankless job and not writing).

In the beginning of this blogging journey I referenced my “Broken Down Tree” in a few posts, and drew quite a lot of inspiration from it.  Yes, the tree haunted me a little bit.

And then life moved along.  My blog grew, my professional life improved.  I began to find the inspiration I craved in lots of other things.  I pushed this tree to back of my brain.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself walking down a familiar path in the woods.  I realised that I was heading back towards that old, dying tree.  I got excited and wondered what state I would find it in.  I was pleased to see that it was no worse off than the last time I photographed it.  That is to say, most of my tree is still standing.

I guess this is how we all want to be when coming out of a difficult, transitional period in life:

Mostly still standing.

Broken Down Tree – photographed as I first found it in 2011.

Now that I am entering the last few months of my year long, post-a-day marathon of creativity and writing, I thought it was quite fitting that I go back to my tree.  You see, I am thankful for this tree and its state of slow motion decay.  From it, I found a way to grow.

Change comes in many forms, doesn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Broken Down Tree – Revisited

  1. I just mesmerized by the tree in the snow … it tells so many stories … look at the snowiest branch in the fore front … looks like a person stabbed right through the heart … I wonder what happend … hmmm, I feel a story growing in my own heart …

    1. Is it the kind of story you can put down on paper? If so, go write it! There is a lot of inspiration brewing in your words – it humbles me to know my image touched you. Thank you. 🙂

  2. There is such beauty and sadness in this tree’s in its texture and form and sadness in the realization that once it returns to the earth its ‘wisdom’ will be lost. The things is has witnessed will disappear with it…but we need to remember it will leave saplings behind that will grow and maybe some of its essence will remain.
    You have written a beautiful piece of writing here…glad your year has been successful.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your insight here. Might be strange, but yes, I made a connection with this tree – I guess I felt we had something in common. 🙂 Lovely comment and compliment. Again, thanks! 🙂

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