Everything For Sale

What happens when you go for a drive on a Saturday afternoon with no real destination, and somehow manage to get lost along the way?  You never really know what you are going to find, even when you have found it.

This is the kind of adventure The Hubby and I found ourselves on not too long ago.  We had set out on a Saturday afternoon – our only goal was to just go for a “jaunt” around the countryside.  After making a few unplanned left turns, we wound our way down a lazy, twisting road to some little hamlet neither of us knew existed.  We were greeted by an old mill that had been converted into an antique store/boat shop.

Curiosity immediately got the better of The Hubby and I, so we stopped the car and got out to take a look around…

Okay, the boats were pretty amazing on the outside, but what awaited us on the inside was perhaps one of the most eclectic collections of bits and bobbles I have ever seen.

I think the shop keeper thought I was a little off my rocker, wandering around this old building and taking photographs of his merchandise like I was.  I am sure my constant exclamations of “WOW – that’s so cool!” and “Oh – My grandma had one of these!” were getting on his nerves….but I just couldn’t help myself.

The Hubby just about lost it when we found an old pinball machine in the basement.  Yes, he took it for a “spin”…

Yes, we will be returning to this antique/boat shop in the near future.  Perhaps to buy a pinball machine or an old washstand – who knows.

Maybe we’ll just wander back on a day when we have nothing better to do except get lost for a while…


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