A Tilted View Of The Forest

Today is Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada – and what a lovely day it has been.

The sunshine, warm temperatures and having the day off work gave me the perfect opportunity to do something I have not done in a very long time:

I hit the trails for a hike.

While I did take my camera along with me, I ended up only using my phone to take some photos.  My excursion turned into a bit of a photography experiment.  While my ventures into this particular wooded area usually have me photographing minute, delicate details with my Canon and various lenses, today it was the magnificent grandeur of the autumn landscape that caught my attention.

Yes, I have done this with my phone before – so the whole tilt-shift thing is not new to me.  I just enjoy playing around with the contrast levels and blurring out backgrounds.  The results are simultaneously spooky and dreamy.

It’s really kind of fun.

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