Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

With Writing The Girl, I have made it my aim to grab unassuming moments and blow them up to gargantuan size.  In fact, over the past 10 months very little of the details that make up my personal life have gone un-captured and un-published simply because I blog each and every day.

I am not a street photographer; it is just not my photographic style.  Nor is it in my lifestyle to carry my camera around with me while out in public.  At least not now – maybe when I was 20 and in college…but not now.  So, while I would love to be able to show everyday life of the town I live in, it’s just not in my cards.  However, I have made it a habit to snap pics with my phone at random throughout my day.  It just so happens that my days are filled with life from home:  I live and work this way.

So, when I sat down to think about examples of “Everyday Life”, I simply scrolled through my phone’s photo cache.  What I have is a selection of a few random images that mean nothing – except that they happened, I saw them, my phone was in my hand, so I tapped that little shutter icon.

Aftermath of the lunch time rush
Ripley’s spot (under my desk)
Morning show
looking down

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