Things I Am Thinking On A Thursday

This will be a randomly composed, jumbled mix of a post…

It’s Thursday, I barely even had time to greet Monday.  Where has my week gone?  Today’s is the 13th day of the month.  Are we truly half way done with another month?  I had a check list written out of things I wanted to accomplish during September:

  1. Take some regularly scheduled yoga classes, preferably with meditation thrown in.
  2. Go for coffee with “The Girls”.
  3. Finish unpacking from our move.
  4. Organise my new linen closet that is already, inexplicably dis-organised.
  5. Assess the contents of my flower beds, make plans for new plantings/landscaping.
  6. Empty my inbox of all outdated emails.
  7. Take drapes and duvet in for dry cleaning.

Okay, so maybe it was a rather long to-do list.  Being half-way through the month, and not having any of the above items checked off makes me feel….ummm….wasted.  What  have I been doing with myself since September 1st?

Maybe I need a new list.  Maybe I need to prioritize.  Maybe I just need to focus.

Maybe.  Maybe…maybe – I should walk away and forget about my list.

At this point, I think that is what I shall do.

“Meditate (Buddha)” – I think I think too much sometimes…

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