Saturday: Candle

(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)

Candle Holder

This image is in keeping with my current abstract state of mind.  I shot this still life while just wandering around, aiming my camera at whatever caught my eye.  The lighting was horrible, and the original framing of the subject was rather boring.   Sometimes the image you end up with is nothing like the one you started out with…thanks to editing…

Hope your weekend is a little dryer than mine has been so far.  I wonder, how much rain can possibly fall out of the sky at once?




3 thoughts on “Saturday: Candle

  1. I like this. It’s funny how rain can be in the moment and in a memory/imagination. For me, imagining as much rain as possible falling from the sky for as long as possible makes me feel cozy and relieved. The sky has been dry for over a month here, and the temperature just dropped today to be below 80 which it hadn’t been in so long; it was 104 yesterday. So, it is interesting, because I am sure that if rain fell for days I would see it as excessive; and yet, thinking about it, it seems so serene and beautiful. Interesting!

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