I May Not Like You, But I Need You…

I am talking to a pair of reading glasses.

This is me realising that I am wearing them more and more…and more.  I cannot sit here, in my place of denial, any longer.  The truth is, I need glasses to read my computer screen.  When I ignore the glasses, or pretend I do not have a pair, I am quite sure I look like a wrinkly old Mrs Potato Head.  I hunch myself over my keyboard, trying to get as close as possible to the screen.  My face contorts as I squint my eyes (which, by the way, really does not help), all in a vain attempt to try make out the blurry collection of characters in front of me.  I think I actually stick my tongue out sometimes, just to top it all off.

Lovely, huh?

I can hear my mother’s voice, if she were to see me like this:

“Your face will stay that way, if you keep doing that.”

So, I put on my glasses – and….. I can see again!  I mean – effortlessly see!  I can sit back in my chair!  My headache goes away!  Things are no longer blurry!!

Except that the glasses make me look like a schoolmarm.  Not a teacher, a marm.  Also, after a while, they bug me.  My face gets itchy.  Is this normal?

Really, though, what it all comes down to is miserably accepting my fate: my eyes are failing me.  I have always secretly prided myself on having perfect vision.  Many of my friends and family have had to wear glasses their entire lives.  I considered myself lucky that I didn’t have to bother with them…or rely on them.  Or worry about losing them.

Not any more.

What will start to slide next, I wonder?

Wait, don’t answer that question.

12 thoughts on “I May Not Like You, But I Need You…

  1. My hearing was the first to change for the worse but not deafness but tinitus…which is horrid! Constant 24/7 buzzing which I have learned to ‘listen’ through as best I can. Then with computer screen work all day & writing all night the inevitable happened – reading glasses. Please no more…isn’t this enough?

      1. There is no cure – it is your brain over compenasting for the range of noise it cannot hear! Yuk…although I have recently investigated a so called procedure with electrical impulses into your brain that is supposed to ‘retrain’ your hearing…not sure if I’m fed up enough yet for that!

      1. You’ve inspired me to remove my glasses and get a grip. Maybe also get contacts, so at least people won’t immediately think that I’m old. Well, at least until they see me stooped over with an aching back or a bum knee. You do have me thinking about what will come next – thanks a lot!

      2. ummm – maybe you should keep them on…how bad is your vision?? Wearing glasses doesn’t automatically make everybody seem old – just me! 🙂

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