August Re-Cap

What a fantastic month August was for Writing The Girl!

As I sat down last night to go through my library of posts and images for the past 31 days, I really did not think I would have much of a re-cap edition, to be honest.  However, I quickly realised that I did way more shooting this month than I seem to recall!

My “little blog that could” has taken off in a big way – I feel as though I am sprinting through these months at break-neck speed.  When I pause to think about all that I have written, published and created here, it makes me feel kind of dizzy…

This month was no exception.

August saw this Girl get herself all FP’d for a second time (thanks to The Daily Post’s newly introduced writing challenges) and (!) I am thiiiiis close to having 400 subscribers…


Wow…seriously – waaaay more recognition than I conjured in my wildest dreams when I first embarked on my blog-mission.

Thanks so much for the all of the likes, awesome comments, and follows.  You all inspire and empower me!

Here, as usual and in no particular order, are just a few of the images I captured during this, the eighth month of the year:

Wood Chime
Girl, You Need To Write!
Buttons (raindrops on columbine)

Good-bye August, 2012!

Now then – onward and upward to September….



(ps: you can click on the images above to see the post they were featured in!)


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