July Re-Cap

It is time, once again, for an end of month re-cap post!

As I close off this, the 7th month, I am consumed with mixed emotions.  It is hard for me to go into great detail about everything that Writing The Girl has felt and experienced and lived through during July – I would be writing paragraph after paragraph…so I’ll sum it up quickly with a few words as possible:

  • HELLO!  I was Freshly Pressed this month.  Wow…still trying to wrap my head around it…but I will say that I am honoured, humbled and shocked!
  • As of today, I am on the eve of closing off a major chapter in my (and my family’s) life as we prepare to move out of one house, and into another.
  • I have learned that am capable of parting with things that I no longer have room for – and it’s O.K.  Actually, I will take that statement one step further and say: it actually feels quite good.

My posts and photography have been very much reflective of all this moving stuff over the past few weeks.  I am so, SO happy to bid July 2012 a fond farewell and welcome in August with open arms and much optimism.

Once again – THANK YOU to every one for stopping by this little “blog-that-could” of mine.  Thanks for sticking around – even through my lamenting on wallpaper removal, packing frustrations possession-purging epiphanies…..

(I guess that turned out to be more than just a few words, huh?)

Pump Organ
“Small Daisies”
Show Day



3 thoughts on “July Re-Cap

    1. Haha – thanks….the photo is much cooler to look at than the mess I was actually in at the time…redecorating hell! :/

      Thanks for your encouraging words!! 🙂

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