Friday Night Lights – Little League Style

I shot these images a few weeks back.  It was one of those evenings that are unique to summer: the air was warm and the home runs were plentiful, as were the cheers.

As the day faded into night, and players took to the field, excitement grew in the stands and in the dugout.  This was Friday Night Lights.  Aside from play-offs, this was the most highly anticipated game of the Little League season.

For eight months of the year, my step-son pines for baseball season.  From mid-May to the end of August, he lives and breathes for home runs, strike outs and stolen bases.

The Friday Night Lights game is one of the highlights I know he looks froward to all year long.  It is a chance for the kids to play on a field and at a time usually reserved for the adult teams. 

 The crack of the bat heard under the glare of the field lights seems louder and more determined somehow.

Though the kids bring the same amount of focus and enthusiasm to this game as they do all the others, every element is turned up a few notches.

Just my view, as a spectator to the sport, of the passion, excitement and camaraderie at a baseball game on a Friday night in July.

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