The Music That Stays With Me

Another piece to the puzzle that is my life…

…All of this preparation and packing is forcing me into the realm of nostalgia.  As we are downsizing our expendable space by a fun hundred square feet, The Hubby and I have done some serious re-thinking about our possessions:  What is important to our day-to-day lively hood?  What can we do without?  What are we needlessly holding on to?

For the most part, we have become purge-demons.  We did the all out garage sale to end all garage sales a few weeks back. We were pretty proud of ourselves for getting rid of a lot of items we simply will not have room for in our new abode.

Some of the items were harder to let go of than others.  It was hard to see people carting our stuff off.  For the most part, it did feel pretty darn good.

The biggest sacrifice was that of The Hubby’s: his 2000+ vinyl collection, in the works since the early 1980’s, was pretty much sold out.   He is left with a couple of hundred albums out of a collection that took him decades to build.  At the same time, he is pleased that what he now has is much more manageable…it has been stripped right down to releases he truly covets.  Lots of Bowie, Japan and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  Not to mention dozens of other albums and artists that are so obscure I cannot even begin to list them.

So today, I decided it was time to tackle another area of our bulging music archives:  The Compact Discs.

CD Tower, iPhone, Instagram 1977 filter

I will readily admit that this is my mess.  A good chunk, 85% or so, is my own music collection that I have been gathering since the early 1990’s.  With the advent of this digital music age, most, if not all of the music we listen to can be found on our computers.  I believe the last CD I purchased at a music store was “In Rainbows” by Radiohead…and that was only because I really wanted the do-it-yourself jewel case and the sticker that came with it….even the act of playing a CD is becoming more and more just something I used to do.  When I go for a run, I have an iPod.  When I am driving in my car, I plug my phone into an adapter and pipe my playlists through the speakers.  When I write, I’ve got iTunes shuffling through my music files.

I think what I realised today is that my CD’s were always a need before, but now I am not so sure.  Come to think of it, when we were gathering items for the garage sale, we glossed right over them.  Why?  Everything from Diana Krall’s debut album to Queen’s greatest hits, have been uploaded as MP3’s.  They are like back up files…


I can’t tell you how many times I have packed up Elastica, The Tragically Hip, Juliana Hatfield, Nirvana, The Breeders, et all…and moved them to a new house.  All I can say is, this is the music that stays with me.

But honestly, if CD’s had the same kind of nostalgia and dollar value that vinyl does today, I would seriously consider unloading all of them.

After a while, this stuff just ways you down.

My music collection seems to be the child that never grew up, and now it can’t leave the home.  I will be looking after it for the rest of my life.  A big part of me is okay with that.  An even bigger part of me is starting to think otherwise.

In a few weeks, I will dutifully unpack Lenny Kravitz, Macy Grey, The Foo Fighters, Blur and Sloan.  I will place them neatly in a row on a shelf.  And there they will sit.

Sure, The Hubby and I have downsized, sacrificed and are learning to move on from most  of our needless possessions….but somethings just stay with you for life…..

4 thoughts on “The Music That Stays With Me

  1. I think I’m done moving around for a good, long time, but I have been toting around my old cassette tapes (and vinyl!) for decades. Music is too important to let go of those memories (even though I could probably get them on iTunes now…)

  2. a thoughtful post, & nice work – there are a lot of memories inherent in those CD titles. I’ve gone through a similar exercise, ended up boxing up all my CDs and lugging them up to the attic over the garage – probably for one of my descendants to find someday!

  3. I have a friend who owns literally thousands of CDs. He’s got a shelf built into his room for them – I don’t think you can see his wall anymore. He doesn’t upload music digitally. If he likes something he goes out and buys the original CD. Never downloads any music. It’s kind of like me and books. They have no real money value in the end, but I would never give up any of my books for the new fangled ebooks. There’s nothing like turning a crisp, yellowed page of a book you’ve read a dozen times before. I guess it’s the same way – the palstic box, the shiny silver disc, the little inside booklet with lyrics, dedications, random words from the artist….I hear ya. Keep them, I don’t see why not. They may not be worth any real money, but they are worth more than cash to you.

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