I was not going to do this, but I have to… I am posting an image of a flower.  It was going to be a bicycle today.  I had it all planned out – but then my day happened, and not in a good way.  I am now home from work in not in the best of moods.

Just ask The Hubby.  Sorry, dear.

 I am not bright and cheery at the moment.  How could I possibly write about a happy little bicycle when I don’t feel….you know – happy?  

This actually happens quite often: I’ll have a planned topic or theme, but if it doesn’t suit my mood, I’ll change the direction of my post for that day.

Now I have gone completely off the rails…I don’t really have a topic here at all.  Not unless you count the topic of my dark mood, and the fact that this dark flower seems like an appropriate badge to wear.

~Just another moment in my year long journey of blogging daily.  I suppose anything can be a blog post.  Even my bad moods.~ 

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